Board & Trustees

Since its establishment, on July 2nd 2017, the Indonesian Auditor Network is founded and managed by an interim trustee and an interim board :

  • Asep Suntana, PhD (Interim Trustee);
  • Bart W van Assen, MSc (Interim Chairman);
  • Hasbie Hasbillah (Interim Secretary); and
  • Yudi Iskandarsyah (Interim Treasurer).

Trustee (Interim)

Dr Asep Suntana has a PhD from the College of Forest Resources, University of Washington.  He is a member of Xi Sigma Pi National Forestry Honor Society in the United States of America (granted in 2006).

Asep has been working on forest and agricultural certification issues since 1993 and currently is one of Social Expert Panel Members under the aegis of Lembaga Ekolabel Indonesia (LEI) Forest Certification Schemes (Natural Production Forest, Plantation Forest, and Community-based Forest Management) as well as Social and Environmental assessor under the auspice of Forest Stewardship Council. Asep had experience working with Scientific Certification System (SCS), an Emeryville-based company, on forestry related certification programs in the USA.

He has been working on the field of forest systems and bio-energy program, particularly in linking forest management systems with forest certification, sustainable bio-energy development, rural development, community-based natural resources management, and carbon emissions reduction since 2004.

He has more than 20 years relevant working experience in managing programs on natural resources management with multi disciplines. Currently, he manages more than USD 20 million Grant Program on Community-based Natural Resources Management/CBNRM supported by the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA)-Indonesia. The project includes Watershed Management, Improved Forest Stewardship, Small-scale Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Women Economic Empowerment, and other small-scale community-based natural resources management projects in Sumatera Barat, Jambi, West Kalimantan, and East/North Kalimantan landscapes.

Chairman (Interim)

Ir Bart W van Assen, MSc obtained his BSc degree in Tropical Forestry in 1990 from Larenstein International Highschool and his MSc degree in 1993 from Wageningen Agricultural University. He has held the position of Director of Field Operations at Double Helix Tracking (Singapore), and prior to that worked as General Manager of Gaia Commoditas. He has worked with various firms on long- and short-term assignments, including Global Forest Watch (USA), the Indonesian Ecolabelling Institute, and the Institute for Agro-Technological Research (The Netherlands).

Bart has over 20 years of experience in auditing and coaching – mainly at forest and plantation management enterprises (MEs) and chain-of-custody (CoC) – both for profit and non-profit enterprises. He is a qualified as ME/CoC Auditor under CertiSource, FSC, PEFC and RSPO, candidate CoC Auditor for VLK, as well as ISO 9001 lead auditor. He is one of the few people with an extensive track record covering all disciplines of certification (profit, people, and planet) in Indonesia, and collaborated with leading certification bodies like Control Union Certifications, the Rainforest Alliance, and Scientific Certification Services.

Bart also volunteers as Technical Adviser to Orangutan Land Trust, Vice Chair of Sekolah Bogor Raya’s Soccer Team, and PhilosopHare and Master Hound of Totopong HHH. In his spare time, Bart is an avid kite-flier.

Secretary (Interim)

Hasbie HASBILLAH has worked for more than 25 years on planning, operational, and environmental including social aspect and policy of natural forest management and plantation and also forest industrial sector for Indonesia and South East Asia tropical forests and agriculture (rubber and palm oil). He conducted extensive fieldwork on the planning, operational, socio-economic and environmental aspect of natural forest and plantation.

Hasbie was lead auditor and facilitator of Eco-label; Sustainable Forest Management in related to standard of FSC, PEFC, LEI, PHPL, SVLK, RSPO, ISPO and ISCC and also combine training in reduced impact logging, height conservation value forest, carbon and climate change issue and also social aspect with practical experience in Indonesia and other region to identify and overcome the barrier to responsible and sustainable forest management. He’s a specialist on forest policy and operational and social-community forestry, a good facilitator for training and others capacity building program. He has also excellent experience as a Chain of Custody auditor, facilitator and trainer for forest industry.

Treasurer (Interim)

Yudhi Iskandarsyah finished his education in forestry from Bogor Agricultural University, while his master degree in Environmental Management he obtained from the School of Forestry and Environmental Management at Yale University. His early career was with CIFOR as a research assistant at a project on the development of non timber forest products (NTFP) where he explored the environmental, economic, and social aspects of NTFP.

Yudi has a vast experience in natural resources management and the development of certification systems for forest management. At the Indonesian Ecolabelling institute (LEI) he was involved in the development of forest certification schemes for natural forest management and smallholder/community forestry. Later, he was member of the working group developing the National Interpretation for the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) during his work for The Nature Conservancy. He was actively involved in the development of the Indonesian Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) as an early member of the technical working group. He also contributed to the ASEAN Chain of Custody (CoC) Guide for timbers from legal and sustainable sources with the RAFT Program. Yudi is a registered auditor with BRIK QS for SVLK in Indonesian timber industries.