Welcome to Jaringan Auditor Nusantara (JAN), the Indonesian Auditor Network!

JAN’s purpose is to participate in the development of human, superstructure, social, humanitarian and environmental resources, in particular to mobilize, increase capacity, and enhance the role of auditors and stakeholders by implementing certification and labeling programs for resource-based services and natural products. In general, JAN also endeavors to improve the ability and knowledge of stakeholders about relevant scientific advances, policies in the field of natural resource management and improved welfare through regular, planned and sustainable efforts.


September 2017 Kinerja Pelaksanaan Berbagai Sistem Sertifikasi Pengelolaan SDA, Peran & Persepsi Auditor
Setahun lebih yang lalu, Environmental Investigation Agency mengkritik ‘badan sertifikasi dan asesor NKT (secara kolektif disebut “auditor”)’, berdasar laporan yang berjudul ‘Who Watches the Watchmen? Auditors and the breakdown of oversight in the RSPO’. Kritik senada ditunjuk kepada auditor FSC (baca ‘The 10 worst things about the Forest Stewardship Council’) dan auditor PEFC (baca ‘Green forestry labels PEFC & SFI called into question’).
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Competence Assurance Register

Our Competence Assurance Register (CAR) will provide information on registered auditors that have passed JAN’s requirements for competence. More information on CAR will be posted here in the coming weeks, so come back regularly for updates.

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International Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme

The International Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme is an independent, not for profit International Certification Programme based in Australia. It is already approved to certify products in Australia & the United Kingdom with applications pending in 14 other countries.   Each product displaying our international palm oil free certification trademark has been thoroughly researched via our palm oil free …