Jaringan Auditor Nusantara (JAN) aims to become Indonesia’s first professional association for (independent) auditors, and maintain and enhance integrity, competence and empathy among its members. JAN organizes regular events addressing our core values, and regularly verifies the competence of its members through the Competence Assurance Register.


BAS – Climate report understates threat

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius, released on Monday, is a major advance over previous efforts to alert world leaders and citizens to the growing climate risk. But the report, dire as it is, misses a key point: Self-reinforcing feedbacks and tipping points—the wildcards of …

FT – Nestlé warns palm oil trade over rainforest destruction

Nestlé is to blacklist palm oil suppliers that do not comply with its responsible sourcing policy as it turns to satellite technology to help identify corporate culprits behind the destruction of rainforests linked to the commodity. The Swiss food group behind KitKat and Nescafé said it would publish a full list of companies in its …

Upcoming Events

JAN aims to hold a soft launch in October 2018, and invites founding members and founding sponsors to join the official launch a few months. Please come back for more information in the near future.

Date(s) Event Site(s)
October 1-5, 2018 RSPO (endorsed) P&C Lead Auditor Course (link) Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel, Medan & Begerpang POM & Estate, Desa Batu Lokong (Indonesia)

Competence Assurance Register

Our Competence Assurance Register (CAR) will provide information on registered auditors that have passed JAN’s requirements for competence. More information on CAR will be posted here in the coming weeks, so come back regularly for updates.

Evidence of Conformity

Evidence of Conformity (EoC) is JAN’s blog with tips & tricks for (newbie) auditors. It focuses on methods and practical examples of verifying evidence provided by stakeholders. Click here to access all posts related to evidence of conformity.